Like many of you, I am often pressed for time. So I multitask. One Saturday morning, around 11am, I was cooking dinner for guests who would be coming for Bible study that evening. I was also doing miscellaneous household chores. Koah, our then five-year-old comes into the room and says, “I’m bored.”

Okay, let’s give you a quick bath and then you’ll be ready to go out and run errands later. In typical doing too-many-things fashion, while browning ground beef for chili I run upstairs and fill the tub about one-third full of warm water. I reach into the cabinet beneath the sink grab the Mr. Bubble Sensitive Skin and pour in a couple of squirts. “Koah! Come and get into the tub please.” Miss Independent says, “I can do it by myself mom.” So I say “good” to myself and go back downstairs to the sautéing meat.

I’m listening from the kitchen and I had asked our teenage son to listen out for her from the room next to the bathroom. It’s all good. Ten minutes later I think, let me grab Koah’s clothes and get her out and dressed. I knock on the door, open it and see suds everywhere. They’re on the floor. The shower curtain. The walls. The kid. Yikes!

I immediately look behind me. I messed up. I forgot to re-latch the child safety lock on the cabinet doors. Ai-yi-yi… This has happened before, but not to this degree. The last time, Koah was chided for adding soap to the bath water she said “I was so tempted. The Mr. Bubble is so good, so much fun. You better remember to lock those doors, mom.” I vowed to lock them from then on.

This time I am not happy. “Ko-wah. You know that you are not supposed to add more bubble bath to the bath water. I already told you this.” Torn between the glee of 3 feet of bubbles and the guilt of disobedience she says, “I’m sorry.” Then starts to tear up. My guilty parent conscience speaks up, “It’s your own fault. You should have reset the lock.” The regular me thinks, “Thank God there are no heavy-duty cleaning products under the sink, only bath bubbles and bath time crayons, baby wipes, and a few magazines.”

Koah - After the fact...

I catch myself and try to keep this negative parenting moment from becoming worse than it already is. “Did you have fun?” I ask. Koah cracks a smile and says “Yes!” It was obvious she was a having a blast because she was swirling the water around like a washing machine when I opened the door. “It’s okay, I’m not mad. It did look like fun. But what are you going to do when the temptation of something else is that strong? Are you going to do the wrong thing?”

Before she can answer, Mrs. Guilty-Parent-Conscience resurfaces and says “like the temptation of multi-tasking more than you should.” Hmmm. She has a point.

There are times when I suffer so much from the desire to get more and more done, that I end up enjoying life less and less. Rather than cooking on a different floor than Koah, maybe I could have sat on the floor outside of the bathroom with the laptop and worked on my next blog or planned the menu for the upcoming week. I could have folded laundry in her room, which is right down the hall.

Being close by might not have prevented the suds situation, but if I weren’t in such a harried state of mind, I might have remembered to re-lock that child safety device. (Parenthetically I must say, as long as the parent remembers to engage it, the Cabinet Slide Lock by Safety 1st, works really well.)

Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock

So, fellow home-istas, we probably have to multi-task sometimes, but we definitely plan our multiple activities carefully and wisely. That way the dual tasking helps us be a few steps ahead, rather than several steps behind.


Home-ista, Kelly

P.S. I never left my kiddos in the bathtub alone when they were young, not even for a minute. That is an absolute no-no, but you already know this, and will behave accordingly.

P.S. P.S. The ground beef came out fine, it was simmering on a very low cooking temperature, throughout the whole bathroom adventure.