The Best Gifts

December 21, 2016

I love CHRISTmas. I am grateful that God choose to come to earth as a man. Sometime that love gets lost in the buying, wrapping, cooking, decorating, hosting, cleaning, driving and every-other-thing-ing.

This year, I didn’t feel like putting up decorations when I typically do it. But I heard God say in my heart, “you like it when people celebrate your birthday. I like it when you celebrate My half-birthday.” (Jesus was likely born in the spring.) I laughed, because He is right. My birthday is on Halloween and I always say that everything that happens – is happening – for me. So this season, I tried to remember that everything I did was for Him.

I put wreaths in the dining room, garland on the stairs, and fresh evergreens in vases. We put up two trees. The small one is in our family room. It’s pretty and delicate, but had no gifts under it. One morning while sitting near it, I came across a Bible passage that noted how God gives us grace and peace and boy do I need grace and peace.

It dawned on me that the very best gifts I have are not things at all, but salvation, hope and love.

So I decorated empty boxes with oversized tags that remind me of the gifts God gave me in sending His son, and placed them under that tree.

I encourage you to strategically place a few “labeled” boxes in your home to remind yourself of His great love. I know you will be blessed for it.

Wishing you a Merry CHRISTmas & Joyous New Year




I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season. But summer is second and the change from cold weather to warm can be a great time to refresh the decor in your home. I like to add pops of color with accessories. They are typically not expensive and they are easy to execute. Maybe some of these ideas can work for your home.

Live plants in bright cache pots add healthy oxygen to the air and beauty.

Dried flowers can also add color and texture and ironically they don’t seem to collect much dust. Brightly hued glass bottles can add shine with the color. These can be found in many places, like TJ Maxx, Meijers, Michaels, Hobby Lobby for very little cash.

Throw blankets or quilts are useful eye candies. Just keep the weight of the fabric in mind when choosing a textile to drape over your bed or sofa. I have recently seen an all-season wool which had an element of shine. Bamboo is a new trend for throws and blankets. It is lightweight and made of easily renewed sources.

Accent rugs can be changed with ease and they add personality to utilitarian spaces.

Candles add color and a fresh scent if you choose ones with perfume or natural aromas.

Colorful dish towels add zest to the kitchen. And if you have an open floor plan they might even connect colors from the kitchen to the adjoining spaces.

I hope one or more of these ideas will help you brighten your space.

Happy Almost Summer! Home-ista Kelly