Like Butta…

May 11, 2012

I like butter. It makes things taste better.

Last year I came across a dish that allows me to have softened butter for toast or dinner rolls, right when I want it.

Made by Silvermark, the porcelain server has three parts. Two are familiar; they include the dish where you place the butter and the lid that covers the dish. The last piece holds cold water and the butter dish sits inside of it.

Porcelain Butter Dish

Want proof that this dish is the bomb? My mom was visiting and said she wanted a set for her house. (Of course, I ordered one for her.)

The dish can sit right out on the counter, just refresh with cool water on warm days.

One more thing about butter – many people say that butter is not good for you. But of the alternatives, butter intuitively seems better, if for no other reason than it was created naturally as food, by God.  Rather than the man-made margarine.

The book “What the Bible says about Healthy Living” by Dr. Rex Russell talks about butter. It includes the following statement on page 222 of the second edition (2006). “Butter is a saturated fatty acid and contains cholesterol, a fact that has resulted in butter’s being condemned by most nutritionists. However, butter is a good food, when eaten in moderation. Butter does not raise cholesterol level or harmful fats in the blood. Both olive oil and butter are digested by humans in a way similar to the way complex carbohydrates are digested. Complex carbohydrates are also healthful.”

The butter boat can be found at specialty cookware stores and online. I got mine at

Wishing you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day-

Home-ista Kelly