It probably seems logical that a wife of over 20 years and working mom of four, would love the home. And I do!

In fact, I recently started calling myself a home-ista. (For those who love phonetics; it’s pronounced “home-ee-stuh.”) A home-ista is a person who uses her/his home to express her/his identify, affections and style. It’s similar to how a fashionista uses fashion. I hope that we can encourage each other to use our homes as canvases to share and celebrate what we value and love.

Though I may not always say it overtly, I write with the thought in mind that God created the first home in a garden. Actually it was an orchard full of trees and it was named Eden. The word name Eden means “pleasure.” Who knew? God set up the first home for his kids, Adam and Eve and it sounds like it was the bomb! He even says that He is currently preparing places for us in heaven and that is another awesome thought.

I live in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and in addition to the home and it happenings, I love:

My Lord and Savior,  my husband and kiddos, my large extended family, professional football, autumn, how-to books and lots of other cool people, places, stuff, and activities.

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6 Responses to “home”

  1. I LOVE your blog, and how you approach life!

    • homeista said

      Thank you Cassandra. I appreciate your kind words. I enjoyed the poetry on your blog. Very thoughtful.

      • Thank you! I love your pics also. My hubby and I just bought a fixer-upper. I love taking the before and after pictures, and planning what to do next. My sister also is into interior design. I will turn her onto your blog.

  2. Sandie said

    Expect more blessings as you pursue your heart’s desire..Sandie

  3. Tracy Bennett said

    Hi Kelly, I loved the blog. It’s funny… my kids are 13 and 15 and are just realizing I can cook, lol. Since my mom is no longer coming down and Clyde is so busy, I have made it a priority to ensure my kids have a solid dinner when coming home from school. I have been leaving work a lot earlier than usual to do so(still after 5:( though). The advise you provide is so true…. I have been losely doing what you suggest over the last 4 mths, and it certainly works. What has been fun is to hear my kids say… “mom you can cook” …. “how did you learn to cook that”…. lol. Happy Birthday Kelly! Love the blog.

  4. galatians62 said

    WOW! This blog has changed my life!!! Too bad ur married – ha, ha, ha – Thank you 🙂

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