Sherri’s new furniture groove…

August 10, 2012

Let me start with a simple statement. The way you position your furniture is key to making your space function well. And it is a huge part of making the space comfortable and attractive.

I was recently visiting a new neighbor of mine. Sherry Grzanka moved to Ohio from Nashville with her husband and two sons about a year ago. Sherry is a true Southern Bell. She loves the home. Ironically she injured her arm a few weeks after moving to greater Cincinnati and despite her best efforts to get the family room arranged, she was not still thrilled with the layout of the space.

After we talked about the room for a few moments, I said, “How about we just tweak a few things.” She said “Sure, let’s do it.”

Before: The Love Seat and Leather Chair
are across from the TV

Before: The sofa is not yet facing the TV. It’s perpendicular to it.

Sherri’s spacious family room is open to the kitchen. Surveying the space, I asked Sherry what the room was primarily used for. She said, watching TV and entertaining. In the before picture, a love seat and club chair were positioned in a “v” shape directly across from the television. The longer sofa sat perpendicular to the TV. So I said, let’s try moving the sofa directly across from the flat screen so more people have a front-on view.

With the sofa now parallel with the TV, we made an ” L” by moving the shorter love seat to now be perpendicular with the TV. This created a more balanced room. We also moved a red accent chair that had been in the front corner near the TV to the back corner. We made this area a secondary focal point by hanging the artwork that had been leaning on the mantle on the wall where it could connect with the red of the chair.

The brown leather chair, which originally formed a “V” with the love seat was now in front of the room near the TV. This allowed all of the brown leather to be in a cohesive unit with accents of color added in. (I suggested the Sherri buy a red throw blanket to go on the brown leather chair in the future.)

After: The brown leather furniture forms a cohesive seating area for watching and conversing.



We finished by positioning the various side tables and bringing two larger lamps from a different room. Though the moves only took 15-20 minutes, they made a world of difference to the function and feel of the room. And Sherri’s son Jack, seen “enjoying” the sofa agreed with this sentiment.

Here are a few principles that might come in handy, if you want to do some rearranging:

  • You might have to do the actual move to see if it will work.
  • If you can’t do the move without help, try to draw the floor plan from eagle eye view on a sheet of paper. Draw your current arrangement on one sheet and your new proposed plan on another. Compare to see if  the new arrangement has the potential to be an enhancement.
  • Sometimes you need to get rid of something. Less furniture might be better.
  • If you are watching TV in the space, consider centering the sofa directly across from the TV. Place a sofa table or attractive bench behind the sofa to add “jewelry” to the back.
  • Place coffee or accent tables so that each seat has a spot to place a beverage or book.
  • Artwork can bring focus to an area. It’s a great way to share your personality.

    After: Close-up of the Red Chair

  • Pillows and Throw blankets are ways to tie colors together and they are comfy for lounging.

If you would like ideas on how to rearrange a room in your home – please let me know.

Get your furniture groove on…

Home-ista Kelly

P.S. The red wreath in the first photo is now adorning Sherri’s front door.


2 Responses to “Sherri’s new furniture groove…”

  1. Toi said

    Great Improvement Suggestions!
    I’m sure Sherri is smiling 🙂

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