You still have time – for seasonal decorating…

July 10, 2012

It’s near the middle of summer and I just finished one of my goals. I have finally dressed my dining room for the warm weather. It actually took a lot longer than I had planned. But I did it and I am thrilled.

This seasonal change was actually quite simple. Only two areas have been affected. The dining chairs from Pottery Barn are now wearing their stone hued linen slipcovers as opposed to the cardinal red brushed-canvas ones from Autumn and Winter. I am so grateful to have two sets, because they are easy to change and really affect the mood of the space. (If you catch a sale, slipcovers can be reasonably priced.) It usually takes me 30-40 minutes to change all six chairs if I take the time to iron each cover before I zip it on the seat.

Warm Weather Look

The time stealing culprit was wall of curtains. As background, last Spring I saw some beautiful, but simple brown linen at JoAnn’s Fabrics. I knew it would co-ordinate perfectly with the stone slipcovers. I needed a fair amount and placed an order using a coupon to get a good deal. And then… I got busy and never sewed the curtains. So all last spring and summer my poor dining room – looked like a person wearing a turtleneck sweater at the beach. It almost happened again this year. But four weeks ago, with resolve, I set up my fifteen year-old Brother sewing machine on the dining room table, and commandeered the space to measure, cut, hem, iron and sew seven panels of joy.

For full four weeks, the room was filled with linens scraps all over, scissors, thread, and pins on the table, with a yardstick and unfinished panels on the floor. The ironing board and iron became like an ugly piece of furniture. Some days got to sew for only a few minutes. And there were many days that I didn’t sew at all but by the grace of God I got eventually them done and they look good.

Cold Weather Dining…

So… if you have a seasonal decorating project that you had hoped to execute, don’t give up. Keep fighting to get it done and then enjoy your accomplishment, even if it happens a full year later. (And I promise to share the simple process I used to make the curtains in the future.)

Hugs- Home-ista Kelly

Here are a few ideas for Warm Weather Pick-Me-Ups:

• Put a pot of Mandevilla “Sun Parasol” on your deck or front porch.
• Roll up the wool rug in front of your door and put down a cotton or jute one.
• Take the placemats off of your table. Let the surface be free – just use coasters for the beverages at mealtime.
• Replace the hand towels in your bathroom with summery ones.
• Take all artificial flower displays to a storage area until late September. Go au’naturale or use fresh flowers judiciously.


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