Tips, Tips, good Tips! Ye-ah!

January 29, 2012

I love it when I come across tips or ideas that can make my life better. I am always on the scout for ideas that make daily tasks, faster, easier, more effective or more enjoyable.

Here are some old standbys and a few newbies:

  • Use Lazy Susan’s in unexpected places. Put one on a shelf in your refrigerator to hold containers of yogurt or condiments. You can easily chose what you want with a simple spin. They work well in pantries and under sinks in the kitchen or bathroom. They are fabulous for keeping your spices accessible and they are great for corralling over-the-counter medicines on a high shelf in a hall closet.
  • Use old socks to dust your reasonably reachable ceiling fans. You can hold the blades in place with one hand while dusting with the other. When I use this method it seem that less dust winds up on the floor than when I use a regular feather duster. Do wear a scarf to protect your hair.
  • Space and budget permitting, keep a set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom. You (or those to whom you delegate) will save time and be able to clean as soon as the space needs it.
  • To prevent coffee grounds from getting into your freshly brewed pot of Joe, use two filters, but place the second filter on top of the coffee grounds. I saw this tip on when I was searching for a new coffee maker. This is a great tip. It really works and it also makes clean up a lot easier.
  • Label the shelves in your hall closet so you and family members know where things go. I have a shelf for cleaning supplies, towels, queen sheets, twin sheets, etc.
  • Use your calendar to remember to change the filters in your HVAC system. You can use the date of your birthday as the designated change day for each month. Record the activity in your planner or PDA just like you would schedule a regular appointment.
  • Spray your super dirty everyday dishes with a squirt of Formula 409 when you finish eating. I find that this multi-purpose cleaner is safe and helps to make sure the highly soiled plates get clean without a ton of scrubbing.
  • Use an attractive mirror to increase light at the end of a long hallway. Even a small mirror will draw the eye through the space by providing reflective light and a pretty focal point.

  • See-through over-the-door shoe pockets are great in a hall closet for holding hats, gloves, small toys, a deck of cards, a first aid kit, and of course, shoes.
  • Inexpensive ceramic pots reduce visual clutter by corralling bath and beauty supplies on a bathroom counter top or vanity area.

    Ceramic "flower" pots from Ikea

  • Position a few flashlights strategically throughout your home to be ready for the next power outage. I keep one in the drawer of my nightstand. Each kiddo has one in his or her room. There is one in the drawer under my oven, because the one in the kitchen “junk” drawer often does a Houdini impression.
  • Keep a box of “baby wipes” on hand even if you don’t have a baby. They are great for cleaning a small spills or stain from clothing, without leaving residue. They are also great for keeping germs on doorknobs, telephones, light switches, drawer handles at bay, with a quick swipe.
  • A bamboo garden ladder makes a great towel rack in a tight space. My younger son kept bumping into the contemporary metal rack in a small bathroom and it eventually came out of the wall. After two different attempts to reattach the rack without long-term success, I cried uncle and used the bamboo ladder. Even if it falls down, no dry wall spackling will be required.

  • My personal favorite, I use the timer or alarm on my cell phone to remind me to do the next task at hand. I set the timer for 15 minutes of Facebook time. When I hear the ring-a-ding-ding, I stop surfing the net and do the next scheduled thing. The alarm comes in handy at work to remind me to leave the office to pick up my daughter from school on time. It is very helpful for the times when I need to be engrossed in a project and afraid that losing track of time will cause problems on the back-end. In the past, it has helped me make a graceful exit if a colleague arrived in my office to chat at a moment when I needed to transition to another activity.

Hopefully some of these will be helpful to you. And of course, I’d love to hear (and share) the things that work for you.

Happy Super Bowl Week,

Home-ista Kelly

Kelly in Indianapolis, 13 days before Superbowl 46...


One Response to “Tips, Tips, good Tips! Ye-ah!”

  1. Tracy Bennett said

    Great pointers! Thanks Kelly!

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