A Few Decorating Ideas…

November 19, 2011

The celebrations of Thanksgiving, CHRISTmas and New Years – are times when many of us choose to share our homes with friends and family. And because we want things to be comfy and “perty” it is a good time to do some decorating.

Actually this is not correct. Budget allowing, any time is a good time, to do a bit of decorating spruce-up, because a comfortable and attractive home is a wonderful blessing to enjoy.

I think it is fun to visit the “showroom” of a local store to get ideas. Retailers are great at laying out room motifs that look appealing and feature new and interesting combinations. Warning: if you are an impulsive shopper, leave your checkbook and or debit/credit cards at home. Do take your “camera phone” to capture the inspiration, so you can plan how to reapply in your dwelling before you make the purchase.

I recently went on an inspiration field trip at a store called Merridan. Its home office is in Louisville, KY and it recently opened a new store in greater Cincinnati. Merridian has unique furniture, case goods and accessories that can help us home-istas express our style. On my last visit, the design team allowed me to take some photos to use as examples of ideas we might make use of during the holiday season.

Set up your furniture so that people can talk to one another.

I know – people want to watch TV. Still, especially on Thanksgiving, it is great to encourage people to interact in a meaningful way by setting up the furnishings so they can talk while watching the Detroit Lions or Dallas Cowboys.

One way to do this is to have a sofa facing the TV and then chairs perpendicular to the sofa. The furniture is in an L shape. If the chairs are pull slightly away from the wall it might make the space more cozy and allow people to chat without yelling. In this picture the described arrangement would have Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Wide Receiver on screen just opposite the sofa. The coffee table would be great for a game of Monopoly.

The same type of L shape can be done with a sofa and love seat or sectional.

Give your family and guests a place to put a beverage.

I love the way end and small accent tables give us a place to set a snack or book. These cool little tables are connectors that bring pieces together and they are often reasonably priced and add “personality”. If a table is used on both ends of a sofa you want to make sure they are either the same or at least visually balanced. If one goes between two chairs you have lots of flexibility.

Use the color and patterns of accessories to add visual interest.

Color blue pillows paired with white and brown pillows make for a relaxing spot to lounge, talk, or take an after dinner nap. While the vibrant area rug in this seating display, adds  a texture that cozies up the space. Similarly, the diamond patterned rug in the picture above adds energy because the harlequin configuration causes the eye to move around the whole area.

Bring in some items found outdoors or made of natural materials to remind us of the wonder of God’s creation.

Clip a few live branches from your tree and display in a glass vase...

Different sized glass baubles are displayed on a recycled glass tray

Please let me know what ideas you are using to “tweak your decor” for Thanksgiving. Post a picture so we can be encouraged and inspired.

Happy, getting ready…

Home-ista Kelly

P.S. The Merrdian store in Cincinnati is located at 12130 Royal Point Drive, which is off of Field’s Ertel Road. The website for more information is http://www.merridian.com.

P.S. P.S. I did get a little something for myself… I have been hoping and praying for a new dining room table. I’d had the old table for about 16 years. My sweet, sweet husband got it for me as a belated birthday gift. To be financially responsible I am re-using my old chairs. I am so grateful… Thank you God 🙂


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