A new blog for people who love the home…

October 31, 2011

While typing an email at my desk, my mind started to drift. The email subject faded and a neon image danced in. Flashing slowly it said “home-ista… home-ista… home-ista…” I smiled and almost laughed at the silliness of the word. But it describes me and I suspect it describes many of you.

‘Hom-ee-stuh’ is a take-off on the word fashionisita. But instead of nurturing a passion for fashion, we have a passion for “the home.” Home-istas see the places where we live as a canvas to reflect our loves, personality, style and beliefs.

Subconsciously, I had been looking for this word, because it helped me embrace something that is a big part of who I am. It seems that we human beings like to describe our selves to others, but also to ourselves. I continually hear people declaring, I am an athlete, an entrepreneur, a teacher, an artist, etc. And as much as they are those things, I am a home-ista.

Like many of you, I get pleasure in the action that happens at home, even if I it doesn’t always go well or as planned. Like a golfer who has a terrible round, he/she keeps coming back, hoping to launch that elusive 300-yard drive. I love the cooking, the decorating, the organizing, the entertaining. I have to admit that I see the cleaning as a necessary evil, but that’s just me. I know there are many home-istas who even love, the cleaning.

I am writing this blog to:

  1. Share ideas, tips, how-tos related to running a home.
  2. Encourage people who love the home – to go for it. I say, love it, live it, declare it! (Side note – You don’t have to be proficient to love it. Case in point, have you seen Charles Barkley’s golf swing? I love Charles, but I’m just sayin.)
  3. Provide a forum where we home-istas can connect with one another.

I truly desire to provide information that can increase the level of what I will call “thrive” – which is enjoyment, productivity and the backdrop for great relationships – in and around your home.

Today’s information comes in the form of a challenge. I was talking on Friday to a teacher at my kindergartener’s school. We were talking about the challenges of being moms and the need for good routines and systems. So… I am asking you to try the following, and let me know how it works.

Set a timer for 10 minutes, on your phone, stove, etc. Then write on a sheet in your organizer, smart phone, or notebook.

Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat.  Next to Sun – write what you will plan to cook/have cooked/or purchase for dinner that evening. Ideally most of the meals will be relatively healthy, tasty and easy to make/secure.

Last week my plan, typed in the notes section of my iphone said:

Sun – Hamburger, fruit, chips

Mon – Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad

Tues – Spaghetti, salad

Wed – Roast Beef, brown rice, zucchini

Thurs – Carry out (Freshman Football Game Day) Penn Station

Fri – Pizza

Sat – Scrounge (Which means everybody eats leftovers from the week)

Sometimes I only type the name of the meat and we eat frozen veggies, beans or salad.

This is the simplest of menu plans. You can do one in ten minutes or less. And yet by taking a few moments to think about what my household and me will eat, I save myself loads of time and energy because I can buy what I need in advance. I can budget my money more wisely by planning inexpensive meals like polish sausage and baked beans. I can budget my time by planning meals that take more time to prepare, for the days when I have more time. I can control the nutrition value. Maybe the most important benefit is when my 14-year-old, 190 pound, football playing teenager asks me within six minutes of waking up, what we are having for dinner that night, I can look in my phone as say “baked chicken, boo.”

I hope this is helpful and if it isn’t, this will be: By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; by knowledge its rooms are filled with all kinds of precious and pleasing treasures. (Proverbs 24:3-4)

Home-ista Kelly


16 Responses to “A new blog for people who love the home…”

  1. meg43tr44gi joe said

    Your article A new blog for people who love the home… Home-ista appears to be great. I belive this is among the most vital info for me. I was checking this blog and I am amazed. I can not wait to read far more from you because this is really a terrific website. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.

  2. Tanya Files said

    Hi Kelly, This is a wonderful blog. I believe I am a part-time home-ista. I actually enjoy the cleaning part but dread the cooking part. Maybe because I don’t plan well. I’m sure your suggestion will help in this area. I thought my husband was the only person who wakes up, rubs his eyes and then quotes “what’s for dinner tonight”? lol… Nice job. Keep the suggestions coming!

  3. Marcy F said


    I love it! Though I am not a home-ista yet, I soooo desire to be! (Hey….does that make me a home-ista wannabe?) With a new career, small children, and a busy husband, I need all the tips I can get. Thanks for doing this! I look forward to loads of improvement in this area. I’m going to start the weekly menu tonight!

  4. Lisa Smith said

    Hi Kelly! This is great! I love your insight and will be sure to keep reading. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Kelly–Happy late birthday and good for you for celebrating you in just the way you like!

    I’m intrigued with teh Homeista idea and particularly embracing it. I have been a corporate gal followed by a business owner, so the homeista hasn’t been an area of focus for me…more like an afterthought with some glimpses of grandeur for events, holidays, etc. Lately, with the down season for my retreats, I have found myself more involved with my home. And I have found the need to make peace with that and to give myself credit for “counting” if you will the work that is done at home. Not sure where this is going; just wanted to share a different journey with regards to the home.

    On the food list idea, I have recently begun doing that. We actually have a weekly list of all of the things that need to happen around the house (e.g. dog fed, table set, dishes done, meal prepared, laundry, yardwork, dog poop pickup, vacuuming) and each week we divvy up who is doing what across the entire family. (Great way for kids to get an entire view of what it takes to run a household/life!) I started putting the menu for the days I took dinner. That way I didn’t have to think about it at the last minute (because I tend to get busy and then realize I haven’t planned anything and most everything is in the freezer). It takes less than 10 minutes–maybe 2–and then I can get the ingredients and be at ease around this part of life. It’s nice and I think my family likes it too. Also, if I get stuck on what to do for one of my days, I ask the family and they give me the idea. Easy.

    Great success to you with this Kelly!
    p.s. Kiah (sp?) is in kindergarten!!!

    • homeista said

      Hi Carolyn. Thanks for weighing in. Your perspective is very helpful. Ironically before living in Boise, ID I worked at P&G and didn’t have the time to focus on home that I while there. Kudos on getting the fam involved in list making and checking off. I love checking stuff off so much, that I might go so far as to write something down that I already did, just to have the pleasure of the check off. Koah did start kindergarten. She loves it. How old is Ellia now? I’ll bet she is as smart and pretty as I remember. I hope the business is going well. Kelly

  6. Wenetta said

    Hi Kelyy,
    Luv it !!! I enjoy the cooking, entertaining…really don’t like the cleaning, but all part of life. Happy Birthday !!!

  7. Heather S. said

    This is wonderful !! I am looking forward to gleaming some great ideas from you.

  8. Delores C said


    Love the blog! I’m actually working on becoming more of a homista. When I think about the years that I spent saying I don’t like cooking, I laugh a little. I will be following this blog to get new ideas which will help me on my journey! (I’ve been trying for years to follow your weekly menu suggestion) It’s kind of hard preparing for just little ol’ me.

    Now about that loving the cleaning thing…….well, I’ll REALLY have to work on that! 🙂

  9. Carmen B said

    Hi Kelly. Loved your post. The menu planning exercise is a bit advanced for me. I need to start with something simple like eat the groceries in the fridge instead of running to Chipotle.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  10. Anita said

    Love it! I’m a homeista too and I agree with you on the cleaning situation. I put on some fun music to help the medicine go down.
    🙂 anita

  11. Love “Scrounge Saturdays”! Now if I could only get my finicky eater to enjoy left-overs. He actually asks me how long something has been in the fridge!

    • homeista said

      Lol. Many times when I open a food item and put it into the frig, I put a piece of blue masking tape on it and write the date with a marker. This is good when you open something like Miracle Whip, and I suspect it would work with leftovers. I started doing this so I’d less likely to eat something that has been around too long. Maybe this will help your son be okay with leftovers. Though it could make things worse because he can protest with better information.

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